Hari Kartini

On Kartini Day, students joined drawing competition. They were asked to draw and showed their dreams of future occupation. They also got a story telling about the life of Ibu Kartini and her struggle to empower and educate women at that time.


Learning Celebration 2017

On Thursday March 2nd grade 2 students had their second learning celebration of the unit How We Express Ourselves.

The students performed a musical drama about hopes and dreams, entitled A Paper Ship for Tomorrow.

Second Semester Welcoming Assembly


Today is the first day of second semester. We have our welcoming assembly in Amarta Hall. 

Bu Early reminded us about five highlights for this semester :

  1. Reading Habit
  2. English Consistency 
  3. Punctuality
  4. Achievements 
  5. Conducive Environment.

As the SVP anthem states, “We strive for excellence”, we focus to do the best for what we do.

Good luck, we wish the best for this second semester.

The Awardees This First Semester

At the end of every semester, Primary School Sekolah Victory Plus gives awards to some students who show:

1. Punctuality

2. English Consistency

3. Reading Habit

So, these are those students in Grade 2

Punctuality :

Maska (2 Merauke), Myisha (2 Sabang), Zahran (2 Flores)

English Consistency :

Michael (2 Sabang), Leeroy (2 Merauke), Cheryl (2 Flores)

Reading Habit :

Alicia (2 Merauke), Darvish (2 Sabang), Oci (2 Flores).

Well done, guys! we also encourage other students to work on their good habit to improve their personal development.


Rissa read prayer


Learning Celebration

The students showed their work and understanding in Learning Celebration.

The celebration had two sessions.

The first session, parents watched and enjoyed the performance of grade 2 in Pandawa Hall. They sang I am the Earth song, followed by some musical drama showing the life cycle of some animals. The session was ended by singing Food Chain.

The second session was the presentation session. Parents came and visited the class to see how the students work during the unit. The students presented their work and explained what they learnt during the unit through their project.

We felt so happy and so many people enjoyed and got engaged during the activities. We’ll see you on the next semster Learning Celebration!