Unit Of Inquiry (UOI)

In this Who We Are current unit, the Central Idea is Actions have Consequences that affect Personal and Community Safety. So the students are learning about safety. In these pictures, they were doing the Tuning-In activities in order to get the big idea of the unit. They looked carefully to the pictures that are related to something that could be dangerous. And Write what they see, think and wonder.


Measuring Volume

Grade 2 students is learning about volume and capacity. They measure the volume of a container using water and read with standard unit written on the measuring jar.

Mengenal Tata Tertib

Saat pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia, para siswa mempelajari tentang tata tertib.

Mereka mewawancarai orang tua mereka sebagai PR, untuk mengetahui tata tertib keluarga dan masyarakat di sekitar rumah.

Di sekolah, mereka mendiskusikan Student of Conduct dan berjalan berkeliling sekitar sekolah untuk mengenal tata tertib masyarakat sekitar sekolah.

Monday with Pak Handoko

On May 8th, we had a sharing session with Pak Handoko. Pak Handoko explained to us the factors he considered to build SVP building and how to implemented those factors on the building.

After that, we designed and built our own imaginary building using some provided materials, like dried leaves, twigs, chopsticks, rubber, and so many other things.

We had so much fun and learnt so many things from Monday with Pak Handoko.


Studets were introduced to unit of measurement (cm and m). They learn to measure objects start from unstandardized unit (span, pencil, paper clip) to standardized unit. They used meter stick to predict length

Changing of Building

During this unit, the students discover how the building changes over time due to the fuction.

The students observed the changing of their houses and why they changed. They also observed houses around the world and why they are different. 

Next week, students​ are going to learn how to design building and factors to consider before designing building.

Carrol Diagram

During this unit, the studets learn about how to interpret data from venn diagram and report data to Carrol diagram.

In the shown picture, the students interviewed each other to collect information and report it into Carrol diagram.